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    Melee Class and Feats


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    Melee Class and Feats Empty Melee Class and Feats

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    Melee starts the game with 10 HP and gains 5 every level up
    The following formula dictates your starting skill points: (1+INT) * 4
    So if you roll a ten for your intelligence that would be a modifier of zero, meaning your starting skill points would be 4.
    The following formula determines how many skill points you gain when leveling up:
    1 + [INT/2]
    The first rank of a skill costs one point, the second also costs only one. However the third and fourth each cost two, the fifth and sixth cost three points each, the seventh costs four.
    Each skill maxes out at seven. What you may do after that is reset your progress, this will cost four skill points and will reset said skill to one, however for each time you do this any rolls for that skill will gain a permanent +1, so they will look like this:
    1 + 1D6 + 1
    This can be done for each skill indefinitely.
    Default attack skill and defense skill are both 1, the melee class starts with a +1 and +2 that can be freely placed into either but not both
    Level 1(pick one)
    - For 1 battle lose 5 Encumbered, used 4 times in one day
    - Gain 1d4 Attack Skill
    - Gain 1d5 Strength
    - Sprint to any target you have line-of-sight with, used once per fight.
    - Gain 1d2 Defense skill
    Level 2
    +1d4 Attack Skill
    Level 3
    +1d4 Defense Skill
    Level 4
    +1d5 HP
    Level 5(pick one)
    - Raise attack roll by 2 after rolling, used twice per day, cannot become a crit
    - Centered on the player intercept all attacks in a 3x3 tile radius, used 1 times per fight, lasts for 2 of your turns
    - Permanently raise protection by 2
    - Refresh Stamina, 1 use per day
    Level 6
    +1 to any STR or DEX stat
    Level 7
    +1 to any WIS or CHA stat
    Level 8
    +2d4 Attack Skill or +2d4 Defense Skill
    Level 9
    +3 in any Primary Stat(INT, STR, DEX)
    Level 10(pick one)
    - Every attack has a chance to disarm
    - One attack roll affects 3x1 tiles in front of you, 2 times per day
    - Reroll failed attack roll, 3 times per day
    Level 11
    +2d4 Attack Skill
    Level 12
    +2d4 Defense Skill
    Level 13
    +2d10 HP
    Level 14
    +4 In any stat
    Level 15(pick one)
    - Immune to Movement debuffs and DOT effects
    - All attacks inflict 1d10 Bleed Damage

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