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    Mage Class and Feats


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    Mage Class and Feats

    Post by Admin on Mon Dec 18, 2017 11:37 am

    When starting a mage character the only paths you can take are Earth Fire Water and Air.
    You start at level zero
    You may pick one feat per level
    Level 0
    -Summons now have +100% hp
    -Entire precision stat applies to-hit
    -Protection Spell duration +50%
    -Weakest Path gains +1
    -Buffs last until the fight is over
    Level 1
    -May use non elemental paths
    -Fire has a chance of spreading to nearby targets
    -Water Spells are now always Ice
    -Successful defense rolls allow you to move one tile back
    Level 2
    -Can craft Enchanted weapons
    -Undead summons do not disintegrate
    -Debuffs you apply are permanent
    Level 3
    -One Spell now has 10 fatigue cost, does not take space on your memorized list
    -1 free cast per day

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