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    Post by Admin on Mon Dec 18, 2017 5:35 pm

    Q: How long ago did the Coven fall?
    A: 50-ish years

    Q: I noticed occupation on the character sheet, does what I put there matter?
    A: No, not in the 0.33 version. It's mostly there to help with your backstory.

    Q: What's the setting?
    A: Post-Evil Empire

    Q: Why did the Coven fall?
    A: Infighting

    Q: What's in this setting technology like?
    A: Pre-13th century.

    Q: How is magic treated?
    A: Medium-Low Magic, if you use it people assume you have/had something to do with the Coven.

    Q: What system are you using?
    A: 5e+pathfinder+70% Homebrew

    Q: What times do you play?
    A: Sundays, 6pm PST

    Q: How do gems work?
    A: They are a magical resource, using gems in combat will put them in a 24 hour recharge period, while gems used in rituals or crafting are gone for good.

    Q:Whats the difference between a sorcerer and a wizard?
    A:Sorcerers generally use non-elemental magic, such as Astral or Blood whereas Wizards use Fire, Water, Ect.

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