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    Complete Combat Explanation


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    Complete Combat Explanation

    Post by Admin on Wed Dec 20, 2017 8:20 pm

    Turn order is determined by the DEX stat, players always go first.

    Attack roll: attacker's Attack attribute + 2d6(Dominant Random Number)

    Defense roll: defender's Defense value + 2d6(DRN)

    Damage roll: attacker's Strength attribute + weapon Damage attribute + 2d6(DRN)

    Protection roll: defender's Protection attribute + 2d6(DRN) (+ shield Protection if it is a "shield hit")

    Ranged combat: If the target's total distance(tiles) is greater than 1/2 of your precision you must roll DRN to hit, otherwise the shot is guaranteed.

    DRN is a roll of two six-sided dice (2d6) but with an additional bonus: if any individual die roll is “6,” one is subtracted, and then that die is re-rolled and added to the result. This means a single round can potentially have 20 rolls of damage or a protection roll can completely defend against 6 weapons.

    When defending an attack (successfully or not) your defense skill is reduced by 1, it returns to normal on your turn.

    If the defender has a shield, the hit is a shield hit unless the attack beats the combined value of the
    target's defense and the shield's Parry value plus the DRN. If a hit is scored as a shield hit, the
    shield's Protection is added to the defender's protection.

    Each turn of combat has one main action and two minor.
    Attacking counts as a main action but prevents you from using your minor actions if you still have them.
    Dual wielding allows you to attack twice in one turn.
    Reloading a crossbow is a main action

    Dual wielding results in a penalty of -1 attack on primary and -2 attack on offhand.
    Attacking with your primary only uses half of your Main Action but still disallows minor actions.

    Minor actions may include but are not limited to:
    Moving 3 tiles
    Reloading a bow
    Drinking a potion
    Opening a door
    Putting your weapon away
    Pulling your other weapon out
    Flipping off an opponent

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