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    Premade Missions Empty Premade Missions

    Post by Admin on Sat Jan 06, 2018 8:32 pm

    Primary Quests give material rewards they also gain the Guild influence

    Premade are purely material with vague extra rewards, they are also 'non-canon' and will not effect your standing with any other organizations.

    Season 1

    "The Black Gem"
    The party must escort a man who is carrying a magical black gem that can supposedly defend against Coven Blood Magic. The man indents to deliver it to a mysterious costumer.

    "Toxic Fields"
    A field of flowers, who's pollen is toxic to humans but harmless to Lizard men, is seen growing. The party must find find the source and cull the infestation.

    "Old Warriors"
    Men that resemble what Sleepers are said to look like have been harassing a town, find a way to put a stop to it.

    "Raiders from Wallachia"
    The Lord Zarthins and his raiders have been attacking villages during a cease fire, put an end to it.

    "Murderers at midnight"
    Zelthon is the leader of the Brotherhood of Night, a tribe of werewolves that can supposedly add anyone to their ranks just by touching them, have been more organized than usual find out why.

    "Lords of Magic"
    The guild receives two letter from two wizards demanding the death of the other, take a side.

    "Old Magic"
    A nearby valley has had sightings of monsters, no deaths as of yet but local villages have pooled a fund to root out these creatures.

    "An Old Bet"
    An outcast Witch seeks the Silver Scepter of an ancient lord, it is said to give their wielder great power over undead. She has asked the Guild to provide her an escort.

    "Let Sleeping Demons Lay"
    The Witches of Georgia have become too ambitious and intend to bring a Demon Lord onto our plane this will surely mean the end of all life on our world, stop them at all costs.

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