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    Io The Traitor


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    Io The Traitor

    Post by ZeonicSoldier on Thu Jan 25, 2018 10:34 pm

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    Io The Traitor
    Info: Human, Gan, Melee
    Hit Points: 30, 6
    Stamina: 0/100
    Protection: 67 (17)(34)(16)
    Magic Resistance: 16
    Attack Skill: 13
    Defense Skill: 11
    Strength: 12
    Dexterity: 10
    Constitution: 12
    Intelligence: 9
    Wisdom: 10
    Charisma: 12
    Precision: 10
    Encumbrance: 11

    Level 0: -Gain 1d4 Attack Skill

    Craft: +1

    Survival: +4

    Intimidate: +2

    Starting Gold:10
    17 Body Protection (50gp)
    34 Helmet Protection (50gp)
    16 Shield Protection. -1 Defense. 4 Parry. 1 Encumbrance. (5gp)
    Short Sword. 5 Damage. +0 Attack. +2 Defense. (10gp)
    Adventurer's Pack (10gp)
    3 S.Potion. Heals 1d8 hp. (15gp)


    Io was born into a family of mercenaries in a village in Gan. Not many people know about Io’s long family business as mercenaries, only a select few members in the village know. Most villagers believe Io’s family to be a family that owns winerys. In Io’s family their last names is sacred because of all the deaths that they were involved with throughout history, because of this the only person that knows the last name of the family is the oldest person alive. Instead of last names the parents would give their child titles that would be difficult to overcome because they believe that, with hardship the child will grow up stronger than steel. Ever since Io was able to walk, he was trained into becoming a strong mercenary. Io’s family lived by a code which was, “For every life that is brought to this world, one needs to be taken away.“ Io was brought up to see the world in a different light, in witch killing someone isn't a evil thing but a way to make room for the next generation.” Despite that Io is a fairly calm person that gives people the benefit of the doubt when people are doing something that they aren't supposed to. At the age of 18 most of his family members started to move out of the village because clients were becoming scarce. Io didn't like the idea of staying in the village anyway and decided to become a nomad looking for the right spot to settle for his mercenary work.

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    Re: Io The Traitor

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