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    Race Lore

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    The Human Homeland

    Human, Their base culture are parts of the Iroqois, Navajo, Choctaw, Kwakwaka'wakw and Mohawk tribes pieced into one.
    ---Nomad: No job, no money, no friends, and no visible means of support, yet is always healthy, well-fed, clean, and welcome wherever they go. They might gave some skills like craftsmanship that they utilize to make a trade/earn a living while traveling.
    ---Gan: The area consists of farmland and hidden by a mountain range, misinformation has everyone thinking it's a frozen hellscape year round, only in the farthest tundras north is it like that. The chief export of the farming communities are 'Iceblooms' fruits that grow on stalks like corn, they are used to make wine. Saunas are also a big draw to tourists or guests.
    ---Haudenosaunee: There were once more than 50 tribes on the continent, when the Coven arrived they became one, now that the Coven is no more some have gone back to the ways of their ancestor's hunter gatherer lifestyle. While the tribes are one, each group has it's own identity that can be marked by the totems they carve in their wake.
    ---Kievan Rus: This is the second city the Coven built after their arrival, it is still a hub of trade but has died
    ---Coven: The city of Leon and the Kingdom of Georgia were the Coven's seat of power on this continent, the population is still loyal to the "Coven". The real Coven died 50 years ago to infighting, the governesses currently ruling are the offspring of medium level administration staff, powerful to the average man but nothing compared to where they draw their authority.
    ---Wallachia: Ruled by a paranoid and xenophobic King it's economy is entirely slave based. These humans are almost the only humans that have any desire to leave their home continent.
    Hoher-Politiker, Think of them as Drow or Dark elves
    ---Coven: The once mighty, world spanning, invincible, Coven has fallen. Based on Drow society they They maintain their ruling class through violence, murder, cunning, and the philosophy that only the strong survive. Any states still calling themselves "Coven" are false.
    ---Wild: Expelled from the cities either for a crime or being on the wrong side of a political scheme, they often take to making minions of local bandits.
    Syvend, Think of them as High Elves
    ---Euess: Of all the Syvend civilizations Euess was unquestionably the strongest. This was proven when their capitol was the last place of real importance when The Coven took the world. It's current culture is an amalgamation of the old warrior-honor culture reasserting itself to the scheming matriarchal society The Coven established.
    ---Nicaea: Once a religious center it has long been a burned ruin, any remaining residents are the closest representation of pre-Coven dominance, even so it is pale imitation.
    ---Coven: Not all Syvend were enslaved when The Coven took over, many were integrated into Coven hierarchy as a result they are a parody of extremes.
    Lizard Man, Think of them as d&d Dragonborn
    ---Great Valley: A temperate grassland surrounded by mountains, underground Lizard Man cites use this area to graze Yak like creatures for their meat milk and fur. The tunnels in the mountains also serve as a land rout to the Scale coast.
    ---East Valley: This area is a cold methane bog, the Lizard men here are superstitious savages that often attack outsiders on sight.
    ---Scale Coast: A flourishing tropical coast populated by numerous different people from all around the world, the Lizard Men here are diligent artisans and professional traders.
    Mer Man, Think of them as tit-less mermaids
    ---Coast: Ambitious or desperate, Mer Men will sometimes make camp on shore.
    ---Shallow Ocean: Harassing small fishing boats or just eating men overboard they can be a problem.
    ---Deep Ocean: Little is known about their society, many think they are just animals that walk upright. The more knowledgeable have gathered some information hinting their society is ruled by some kind of mind eating coral.
    Undead, undead never occur naturally
    ----Wight: A warrior of the Underworld, it is speculated that they are warriors killed by necromancers and given as tributes to powerful being in the Underworld. Their leathery hide and undead nature make them very resistant to damage. Their disposition as intelligent undead, their lack of empathy and their flesh dissolving Bane Blades make them very dangerous opponents.
    ----Sleeper: "Sleepers" are warriors of old. Pre-Coven human myths described them as unstoppable killers that protect treasures and wait in a death-like sleep for intruders. Standing on 7 feet average they posses enchanted bronze weapons and armor making their already threatening skills lethal to any but the most prepared.
    ----Wraith: Commonly referred to as "ghosts" these non-corporal undead are ethereal and thus very hard to hit with normal weapons. They guard their places by grabbing the necks of invaders and choking them to death, or if they are unable use illusions to make invaders lose their sense of directing and eventually starve.
    ----Fiend: A blanket term for weak, undirected, or lowly undead
    Daemons, outside the uppermost Coven hierarchy little is known about daemons.
    -----Husk: The victim of Coven experiments trying to bind daemons into our realm. Any that you find should be put out of their misery.
    -----Demon Skin:(yes it's spelled differently on purpose) A Coven super soldier, humans that successfully overpowered the daemon that was bound to them. They are a creation of a founding member of the Coven, Madam Rose. Nigh unkillable they served in terror campaigns across the world. They eventually lost their minds after the Coven dissolved, devolving into animals and finally disappearing for unknown reasons. They were definitively Madam Roses' living weapons.
    -----Daemon Flesh: There are six people who still have their minds somewhat intact, they are some of the only surviving veterans of the Coven's subjugation wars.

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