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    Post by Admin on Thu Feb 22, 2018 9:40 pm

    If you're lacking pronouns or wish to orient yourself in the world
    Here is a useful link.

    You need a backstory, it creates empathy with the character, if you know about this person's history you're more likely to care about that person, you're more likely to behave more appropriately according to their background.

    You don't need to answer these questions in your background, but they are something to keep in mind when making this person.
    Though be sure to write this down for yourself for future reference.
    1) Class is a choice, why did your character become what they did?
    2) Is your character's family still alive? If so what are they doing? If not why are they dead?
    3) What was a positive childhood event? A negative one?
    4) What was the character doing just before they joined the party?
    5) Do you have a favorite food? Homemade bread-cake is a popular human meal.
    6) What's your view of the world? Is it good?Is it bad? Do they even know?
    7) What are your political leanings? Was the Coven of old the best thing that happened to mankind?
    8) What is your charcter's goal for the future? What is their personal mission?
    9) How did they hear of and join the adventurer's guild(the party)?
    10) Where was the Character Born?
    11) Why did your character leave their previous life?
    12) What did your character leave behind?

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