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    Crasimir Vash, the Sellsword


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     Crasimir Vash, the Sellsword Empty Crasimir Vash, the Sellsword

    Post by Admin on Fri Apr 20, 2018 1:45 pm

    Discord Username: Crasimir
    Info: Human, Nomad, Ranged
    Hit Points: 20 (4)
    Stamina: 0/100
    Protection: bdy14 + hd11 + shld0 = 25
    Magic Resistance: 13
    Attack Skill: 11
    Defense Skill: 13
    Strength: 12
    Dexterity: 11
    Constitution: 10 (Racial +1)
    Intelligence: 9
    Wisdom: 12
    Charisma: 9
    Precision: 11
    Encumbrance: 4.375

    -Add 1d6 to hide for 1 check, can be used 3 times per day (Ranged)
    -May sneak attack

    Hide:+1 (Nomad:+2)



    Starting Gold: 2

    -Broadsword. 6 Damage. +0 Attack. +1 Defense.
    -Long Bow. 12 Damage. Range 40.
    -Hatchet. 5 Damage. +1 Attack. +0 Defense.
    -32 arrows
    -Adventure's pack: Backpack, Bedroll, Belt Pouch, Flint & Steel, Hooded Lantern with three pints of Oil, Trail Rations for seven days, Sack, Waterskin, and a Whetstone.
    -S.Potion. Heals 1d8 hp
    -m.Potion. Heals 2d8 hp
    -detect door wand - 9 charges
    -attack wand - +1 attack - 8 charges


    The life of a novice huntsman gathering food for the village he was born to is indeed a noble life.
    But when the call of adventure calls from beyond the borders of your land and all you've known, that
    life surely won't cure that allure. The teachings learned from the father were always met with a new
    respect for the craft. Though as the father had once confessed to the son, the prey can always come
    in so many forms, go so far and take so long to capture. With his bow and a tattered traveling pack,
    the son took nothing more than the clothes on his back as he set out in the dead of a warm and humid
    night just after having finished preparing the food he had caught earlier that day.

    He had spent most of the night walking through the familiar countryside he had really only seen
    during day and early evening. He recollected spending moments of his childhood out at night, such
    as this night, catching insects and making small campfires where he and his father would talk and
    laugh under the stars. Arriving nearly ten miles away from his village just along the borders of a
    forest, he sat up a camp for himself just as the sun rose. When he awoke, he'd be met with an
    overcast sky. marking the first night he had spent away from home.

    Hours soon became days. Days became weeks. Weeks to months. Outside of hunting for himself, the nomad
    came to find work from others he came across such as hunting and protecting farmlands from pests.
    Even going out and tracking down runaway livestock. Though that "special" moment had to come at some
    point. That moment of individual realization of where one stands in the world. After facing off
    against another man at the throat of a less fortunate peasant which he had been doing work for, the
    man found himself standing over the aggressors body for a moment before jerking his arrow out. It was
    time to move on again.

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