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    Korth, the Singularity


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    Korth, the Singularity Empty Korth, the Singularity

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    Discord Username: Kamenwoof
    Info: Lizard Man, East Valley, Melee
    Hit Points: 20 (4 stamina recovery per turn)
    Stamina: 0/100
    Protection: 19+36+19
    Magic Resistance: 16
    Attack Skill: 12
    Defense Skill: 14
    Strength: 14
    Dexterity: 10
    Constitution: 11
    Intelligence: 10
    Wisdom: 11
    Charisma: 11
    Precision: 11
    Encumbrance: 12

    Gain 1d4 Attack Skill
    Refresh Stamina, 1 use per day

    Swim: +2

    Open Lock: +1(East Valley)
    Hide: +1(East Valley)

    Survival: +1

    Intimidate: +3

    Starting Gold: 15

    Equipment: Broad sword, Hoplon, chain mail body th17, chain mail helmet th17, Adventure’s Pack-Backpack, Bedroll, Belt Pouch, Flint & Steel, Hooded Lantern with three pints of Oil, Trail Rations for seven days, Sack, Waterskin, and a Whetstone

    Backstory: Korth spent majority of his life in his village at East Valley. He was trained how to be a hunter and to attack anyone is an outsider. His father told him there two things he should know about the world outside of the village is the world is cruel to all life on it and to stay away from anything doing with the anyone involve with the Coven from long ago. Before he went out on another hunting trip, raiders launched an attack on the village. While trying to defend his people from the outsiders, he suffered to much injures that caused him to pass out. By the time he came back to consciences many of the villagers were slain and half of his tail chopped off. He decided to leave after waiting for a few days for any other survivors to returned and went off into the lands not really knowing where to to go. Korth hopes that one day he can find others from his village and try to rebuild it.

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