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    Wovavit, The Sleeper(Example Sheet)


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    Wovavit, The Sleeper(Example Sheet) Empty Wovavit, The Sleeper(Example Sheet)

    Post by Admin on Fri Apr 20, 2018 1:48 pm

    The strike though sections are there to provide info and should not be in your version.
    If it isn't clear already you start at level zero

    Wovavit, The Sleeper(Example Sheet) DGen6EJ
    Discord Username: Ginno the Unyielding
    Info: Human, Haudenosaunee, Melee
    Level: 3
    Hit Points: 24 10+11(From starting roll)+3(from levels)...5 Stamina Regeneration Round up if .5 or larger, it needs to be a whole number
    Stamina: 0/100
    Protection: 15 (15)+(0)+(0) 2 From feat
    Magic Resistance: 15 12+3
    Attack Skill: 15 8+4+3(From levels)
    Defense Skill: 12 8+1+3(From levels)
    Strength: 11 10+1
    Dexterity: 12 8+4
    Constitution: 10 8+1+1(From human)
    Intelligence: 12 8+4
    Wisdom: 12 8+4
    Charisma: 12 8+4
    Precision: 12 8+1+3(From levels)
    Encumbrance: 2.5 (this number is never rounded)

    For 1 battle lose 5 Encumbrance, used 4 times in one day
    Permanently raise protection by 2
    Every attack has a chance to disarm
    All attacks inflict 1d10 Bleed Damage

    You have a +1, +2 and +3 as free points to distribute over the entire chart not each section. Any unbuffed skills should not be listed in your submission form.

    Linguistics:3 2 From free points+1 From Haudenosaunee

    Profession: 3
    Survival: 2 From Haudenosaunee


    Equipment: Great Sword(moon) 125 Gold
    13 Protection Armor 25 gold

    Remaining Gold:0

    Backstory: At least one paragraph.

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