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    Daiko The Gravedigger Empty Daiko The Gravedigger

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    Daiko The Gravedigger
    Hoher-Politiker, Coven, Mage
    Hit Points: 29 (8)
    Stamina: 0/100
    Protection: 10
    Magic Resistance: 17
    Attack Skill: 14
    Defense Skill: 15 (+3)
    Strength: 11 (+2)
    Dexterity: 12
    Constitution: 11
    Intelligence: 14
    Wisdom: 11
    Charisma: 11
    Precision: 12
    Encumbrance: 6.25

    Level 1: -Summons now have +100% hp
    Level 2: +4 attack skill
    Level 3: +2 defense skil. +1 Evocation
    Level 4: +1 HP , +1 Evocation

    Diplomacy: 1

    Knowledge: 3
    Linguistics: 1
    Spell Casting: 4

    Magic Paths: Fire 4
    Magic Schools: Conjuration 2, Enchantment 1, Evocation 3
    Memorized Spells:
    Summon Lesser Fire Elemental
    Flame Bolt
    Burning Hands
    Fire Blast

    Current Gold: 3741

    Adventurer's Pack
    13 Protection Armor
    26 Protection Helmet
    Quarterstaff. 2 Damage +2 Attack. +3 Defense
    4 Fire Gems
    1 M.Potion. Heals 2d8 hp

    Backstory: Daiko was born in the Empire of Nicaea, where his family are a well known faction of Hoher-Politiker mages that specializes in Conjuring. Being born into that faction he was brought up on spell casting and went to mage school at a very young age. While living in Nicaea he was taught the history of the Coven. After learning about the Coven he despised everything that they stand for. A little after becoming a adult he had graduated mage school and soon found himself in faction with his family. While growing up, Daiko has seen many people die and always wondered why did they have to die, and what happens next to their body. A couple of years after graduation Daiko found himself reading a lot of books about the world, he came to a understanding that the world is weak and anyone with a strong army that can crush the rest will be able to change the world. It became his goal to one day be able to wipe away of the lingering followers of the Coven. While looking for ways to create a army he came across a book about a undead army. This was the only book they had a about the undead army, Daiko believed that this was his ticket in creating a new and stronger army. He decided to leave Nicaea to find more books about how to create undead and its spells. When he left all he took was the clothes on his back and 15 gp. All he left was his family, that still are masters in mage school, and his younger brother that was soon to be born. To start his new adventure Daiko knew he needed to make some good coin so he found a flyer about quest about The Blooded Iron Sword. On the way to the meet up sight Daiko went to go fish for some food in the night, but instead found a weird looking creature that he only read about in books. It was a merfolk, when catching the little guy he looked amazed at looking Daiko and started to praise him as a God. Daiko told him that he was not a God but then Pike forced himself to become his first servent. Daiko then decided to teach Pike about the surface world and about the Coven.

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