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    Current Mission Info Dump


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    Current Mission Info Dump Empty Current Mission Info Dump

    Post by Admin on Fri May 11, 2018 11:46 am

    Here will be a dump of information, usually about the upcoming mission.

    It's more than the details you'll get from a help wanted ad.


    Mission info
    A rather large infestation of Mer Men has developed near the Principality of Wallachia, Prince Eysteinn Harddin does not want to or cannot commit military assents to the problem. Due to the aquatic nature of Mer Men they make for poor slaves thus the varying warlords have little motivation to clear them out.
    Recently traders from the Scale Coast have set up a trade rout to bring slaves and other human-unique goods to the mainland, they wish to set up an outpost outside the main city of Wallachia.
    Prince Eysteinn has promised them the currently occupied land.

    The reward is 1500 Gold, the gratitude or ire will depend on how things are handled.


    Faction Info:

    Principality of Wallachia
    Warlords base themselves here bringing slaves from overseas to fuel their economy. Their king wants to expand man's dominion to other places of the world. Enterprising warlords often have skirmishes with every other nation in the form of slaving raids.

    Scale Coast Representatives

    A flourishing tropical coast populated by numerous different people from all around the world, the Lizard Men here are diligent artisans and professional traders.

    Mer Men

    Ambitious or desperate, Mer Men will sometimes make camp on shore.

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