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    Post by Admin on Sun Jun 17, 2018 1:55 pm

    The NPC specialist accompanying the party is named, Afoof Ilidro, a thief.
    The thief is a charming rogue with an extravagant mustache. The he wears a dark red cape but oddly no bronze buckle like the rest of his group. With him can be seen a wineskin at all times. He has the odd habit of laughing maniacally at everything. The thief is armed with a shortsword.

    Personally the thief is looking for revenge against a rival thief. His modus operandi is Mugging. The thief prefers to operate alone in general.

    Aside from theft, the thief has been known to be involved in serving as muscle for shady merchants and/or brothel-keepers.

    The party met this NPC when escorting a caravan out of the City of Leon.

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