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    Brief Lore


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    Brief Lore

    Post by Admin on Fri Jun 22, 2018 2:12 pm

    With the Coven's inquisitors gone the Gods can once again thrive on worship.

    Though weak they are still gods and should be treated accordingly.

    Here are the benefits of worshiping one:

    Levels of devotion are gained by forfeiting a level and declaring victory in the name of a particular deity.

    Deities come in three forms: Non-Corporal , Semi-Corporal , Corporal

    Non-Corporal: These beings exist in a state incomprehensible to mortals, better known as idea. They will sometimes have avatars but they are more fleeting than a line in the sand. They are either incapable or unwilling to manifest themselves on our plane.

    Semi-Corporal: These beings can have mortal bodies, some more persistently than others. They also "live" on the plane that non-corporals "live" on but these beings are typically less powerful. Their manifestations on our plane are nearly impossible to destroy and even if you did, it's only a representation and not the being itself.

    Corporal: These are most commonly mortal beings. The mantle of a "god" is reserved for only the most remarkable of persons, heroes, killers, conquerors each have worn the mantle at one point or another.


    Zoolthin. The Lord of Light. All air elementals and fire elementals are his children. Worshipers are required to read his sacred texts in the daylight hours daily.

    Atlene. The Protector of Life. Protector of Wives and mothers in particular. Most ritualistically bury their dead in the earth as their contribution and acknowledgment of her involvement.

    Iqysus. The Lord of Thunder and Lightning. Most merchants and traders are his followers. Followers must always offer shelter from storms to anyone who needs it.

    Yhphine. The Singer of Autumn's Song. She causes blessed crops to be more plentiful. Followers must water their garden even during times of drought.


    Gloritah. The Collector of Souls. Ghosts and graveyards are her domains. Devout followers sacrifice of themselves in painful rituals to serve after death.

    Gaasis. The Mistress of Seduction. Bards and poets are her devotees. Followers are instructed to keep a secret journal of their romantic exploits so that Gaasis may read it.

    Utasis. The Lady of the Hunt. Forests and trees. Followers are known to host and participate in an annual hunting festival where all are welcome.


    Moltana Arkeniryn. The Moon-Witch. Magic and the night are her domains. She holds all-night prayer vigils when the moon is full.

    Hjuruf Starcrest. The Great Smith. He is greatly respected among armorers and blacksmiths. He is known for engaging in vigorous scholarly debates.

    Xorn Palrac. The Finder of Secrets. Secrets and treachery are his area of expertise. He keeps journals of secrets in hidden locations.

    Osborn Hornsby. The Lord of Iron. Warriors and slaughter is his domain. He runs a self-righteous band of murderers that fancy themselves honorable warriors.

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