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    Attributes Explained Empty Attributes Explained

    Post by Admin on Thu Feb 22, 2018 8:44 pm

    Hit Points: How much damage something can take before it dies
    Stamina: Used to swing swords, when it reaches 100 you pass out and you will be unable to use defense skills
    Protection: Total armor value
    Magic Resistance: Think of this as Protection, only against magic. Not all spells have to penetrate Magic Resistance though.
    Strength: Used when calculating damage
    Dexterity: Quick hands can certainly help the criminally inclined
    Constitution: Doesn't affect your Hit Points, but if you want to resist poisoning or being knocked out this is for you.
    Intelligence: Some, not all, spells can benefit from this. High Int is just raw brain power.
    Wisdom: Having experience, knowledge, and good judgment.
    Charisma: Having high Cha making talking your way out of things easier.
    Attack Skill: How good you are at hitting things
    Defence Skill: How good you are at not getting hit by things
    Precision: Used when shooting an arrow or spell also used for perception checks
    Encumbrance: You will incur a Stamina cost equal to your Encumbrance on each turn you attack. Moving by itself does not incur this.

    Each Primary stat listed below starts at 8, you start with 30 points to distribute

    Primary Value9101112131415161718
    Point Cost1111112233

    Weapon proficiency gives +1 to attack and defense rolls when using that weapon


    Climb: Those rocks don't look so hard.
    Swim: "Water is just an alternate path" - Jesus, year -15 or something.
    Jump: If you can't climb a tree you can always reach for a branch.

    Open Lock: As opposed to breaking the goddamn door down.
    Hide: Crouching and wearing a hood can only get you so far.
    Slight of Hand: Pickpocketing or impressing people with card tricks.

    Concentration: Can you stay awake during your night-watching turn?

    Appraise: "Is this worth the 500 gold you're charging me?"
    Craft: This goes here, that goes there.
    Knowledge(Points put to Schools): Schools of magic require study, but knowledge for the common man isn't a bad thing. Having less than 1 Knowledge means you are illiterate.
    Linguistics: Being able to tell what language this carving on a tomb door is threatening you with.

    Spell Casting(Points put to paths): Investing time into magic paths increases your options.

    Heal: How well can you bandage that wound?
    Profession: Can well can you do your job?
    Survival: Knowing if that berry will make you trip or feed you.

    Bluff: Lying with style.
    Diplomacy: Truthing with style.
    Intimidate: Chest-Thumping with style.

    Magic Paths: Death, Fire, Blood, Nature...to name a few.
    Magic Schools: Evocation, Conjuration...to name a few.
    Memorized Spells: Having spells memorized won't incur the stamina penalty.

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