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    Attributes Explained


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    Attributes Explained

    Post by Admin on Thu Feb 22, 2018 8:44 pm

    Hit Points: How much damage something can take before it dies
    Stamina: Used to swing swords, when it reaches 100 you pass out and you will be unable to use defense skills
    Protection: Total armor value
    Magic Resistance: Think of this as Protection, only against magic. Not all spells have to penetrate Magic Resistance though.
    Strength: Used when calculating damage
    Dexterity: Quick hands can certainly help the criminally inclined
    Constitution: Doesn't affect your Hit Points, but if you want to resist poisoning or being knocked out this is for you.
    Intelligence: Some, not all, spells can benefit from this. High Int is just raw brain power.
    Wisdom: Having experience, knowledge, and good judgment.
    Charisma: Having high Cha making talking your way out of things easier.
    Attack Skill: How good you are at hitting things
    Defence Skill: How good you are at not getting hit by things
    Precision: Used when shooting an arrow or spell also used for perception checks
    Encumbrance: You will incur a Stamina cost equal to your Encumbrance on each turn you attack. Moving by itself does not incur this.

    Climb: Those rocks don't look so hard.
    Swim: "Water is just an alternate path" - Jesus, year -15 or something.
    Jump: If you can't climb a tree you can always reach for a branch.

    Open Lock: As opposed to breaking the goddamn door down.
    Hide: Crouching and wearing a hood can only get you so far.
    Slight of Hand: Pickpocketing or impressing people with card tricks.

    Concentration: Can you stay awake during your night-watching turn?

    Appraise: "Is this worth the 500 gold you're charging me?"
    Craft: This goes here, that goes there.
    Knowledge(Points put to Schools): Schools of magic require study, but knowledge for the common man isn't a bad thing. Having less than 1 Knowledge means you are illiterate.
    Linguistics: Being able to tell what language this carving on a tomb door is threatening you with.
    Spellcraft: If you want a sword to be on fire this is the skill for you.
    Spell Casting(Points put to paths): Investing time into magic paths increases your options.

    Heal: How well can you bandage that wound?
    Profession: Can well can you do your job?
    Survival: Knowing if that berry will make you trip or feed you.

    Bluff: Lying with style.
    Diplomacy: Truthing with style.
    Intimidate: Chest-Thumping with style.

    Magic Paths: Death, Fire, Blood, Nature...to name a few.
    Magic Schools: Evocation, Conjuration...to name a few.
    Memorized Spells: Having spells memorized won't incur the stamina penalty.

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