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    Discord Username: Miryknos "Meek"
    Info: Hoher-Politiker, Coven, Mage
    Hit Points: 19
    Stamina: 0/100 (4)
    Protection: (13)(26)
    Magic Resistance: 16
    Attack Skill: 9
    Defense Skill: 11
    Strength: 8
    Dexterity: 10
    Constitution: 11
    Intelligence: 14
    Wisdom: 11
    Charisma: 10
    Precision: 11
    Encumbrance: 5

    Level 0: -Entire precision stat applies to-hit

    Diplomacy: +1

    Knowledge(Points put to Schools):+2
    Spell Casting(Points put to paths):+2

    Magic Paths: Fire 1, Air 1
    Magic Schools: Evocation 1, Alteration 1
    Memorized Spells:
    Air Shield
    Fire Darts
    Shocking Grasp

    Starting Gold: 150
    Adventurer's Pack (10gp)
    13 Protection Armor (25gp)
    26 Protection Helmet (25gp)
    Quarterstaff. 2 Damage +2 Attack. +3 Defense. (5gp)
    4 Gems , Unassigned (40gp)
    Crossbow. 11 damage. Range 35. +2 Precision. 12 ammunition. 25 Gold. 20 gold for 10 ammo. (45gp)

    Librarian that is bored of being a librarian

    Once a good friend and intern to a well renowned Library Owner and Wizard, Zalathar, now I seek knowledge to avenge his death.

    I was born into a very rich family of wizards in the Coven. I was raised to study magic and perform magic better than anyone else in this world. My family stressed magic and knowledge so much that I rarely had time for all the fun things guys my age used to do. My muscles have grown slim and weak, and my fighting abilities are extremely sub-par. But man can I cast a mean spell. Want to win trivia night at the nearest inn and get free ale for life? I'm your man.
    Up until I was 16, I studied with my family. After then, I met another wizard named Zalathar, who took me under his wing after losing his own children. My family loved the opportunity and helped me with whatever I needed.
    For years we would try to find new books, going on adventures and looking in the stupidest places possible. His library was the biggest ever. We would attempt to create new spells, but they rarely ever worked out and they rarely had actual power. Even so, this was the life. Learn everything I want to? Great. Use spells whenever and however? Amazing.
    Then the infighting happened.
    The library managed to be a safe place, or at least so we thought.
    One day I woke up to Zalathar being assassinated, and I instantly fled the library. I disguised myself as a poor farmer's boy and a spy for so long just to stay safe. Now I aim to reunite with my old family, or find out if they are dead.
    I aim to bring the vastest knowledge to this land, and to create learning centers for all the young, and old. But is that really what I want to use them for

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