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    The Child of the Mad Doctor


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    The Child of the Mad Doctor  Empty The Child of the Mad Doctor

    Post by Kamen on Mon May 14, 2018 9:14 pm

    1. Recover
    2. Magical Equipment
    3. Adventurer's Guild(Hire Quest)
    4. Large

    A Necromancer by the name of Doctor Frankinsting has recently been disgraced and expelled from the order of Bane Fire Keepers. If he returns to the Bane Fire Keepers territory he would be killed, so he has enlisted the Adventurer's Guild to break into his old personal lab, that is now overrun with his undead creations, and retrieve some personal effects. This includes research materials an equipment useful for the tasks of necromancy.

    In addition to Gold the Doctor has offered his services as a [Master] Necromancer to the guild. With his disgrace comes spite, when the Bane Fire Keepers hear of this they will be furious that their authority is being either challenged or ignored in such a matter. Doing this will gain the animosity of the Keepers.

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    The Child of the Mad Doctor  Empty Re: The Child of the Mad Doctor

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