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    Ranged Class and Feats


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    Ranged Class and Feats

    Post by Admin on Mon Dec 18, 2017 11:36 am

    You may pick one feat per level
    You start at level zero
    Level 0
    -Recover used arrows, if the fight is won
    -Add 1d6 to hide for 1 check, can be used 3 times per day
    -Gain 1d4 to Defense Skill
    -Gain 1d4 to Open Lock
    -Gain 1d5 to Bluff or Diplomacy
    Level 1,
    -Crossbows are reloaded instantly
    -May sneak attack
    -Gain +2 Survival
    -Refresh Stamina, 1 use per day
    Level 2
    -Gain +5 against poison resist
    -Sneak attacks always crit
    -Gain +1d5 Defense Skill
    Level 3
    -Gain +10 initiative when using a bow
    -Gain +10 Hide for 3 hours, may use 1 time per day

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